About Me

A bit about who I am

My name is Noah Rigden, I’m 20 years old and hold a bachelor’s degree in Game Design and Production, after graduating from Birmingham City University in 2021.

I’ve worked on two major collaborative projects where I’ve led the design and production aspects of both of them, however I have also created 4 different smaller, individual projects.

I’ve always been into video games, I’m not sure what my first game ever was but the first game I remember playing was Pokémon Red and to this day is still one of my favourite games to play and learn about. Ever since then I’ve played probably thousands of different games spanning every genre imaginable, so it really felt like the right step to move into game development – in fact one of my friends was looking into game development back when we were both in college and I did as well, and I started to realise that I’d absolutely love to become more specialised in game design, which I did!

I was born in London, and lived there for 10 years before moving to live in the countryside where I finished high school and college. In highschool I took a GCSE in history, and fell in love with the subject, which resulted in me taking an A-Level in the subject as well, studying the American Revolution, British history & political history, as well as Russian History, if I were to pick an area of learning that I love just as much as game design, it would be history!

After finishing college, I moved off to Birmingham (but have since moved back home because of Covid) for the course in video game design and production, which has led me to this point, where my life is quite open-ended and I’m truly not sure where I will end up next. Only time will tell…

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