The Celeste Board Game

Made as my first major project, I was tasked with designing and creating a board game based upon an existing video game.

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The first video game I ever fully completed. Flashback is a 2D platformer with a unique turn on level design.

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An analysis of violence in multi-media & its effects on society

A report discussing the impact video games have had on society in relation to violence.

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Temple Imperium

Temple Imperium was a cross-discipline project where I worked with a programming and art team to create a game based upon a specific brief, of a wave based, FPS game.

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Computer Troubles

Made during the GMTK 2020 48 Hour Game Jam under the theme of “Out of Control”

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Desolate Mind

With a specific focus on level design, this module I was tasked to create a walking simulator game.

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The Broken World Demo

Broken World is an Open World RPG demo that was designed and created in 2 months in a team of 3.

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Broken World

(Full Release)

The final version of Broken World. An Action Adventure RPG made in a team of 3 over the course of 6 months.

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